Articles/Research Papers
"Climate Summit for Enhanced Action: A Financial Perspective from India"
By Rajasree Ray - Economic Adviser, Mr Abhishek Acharya- Joint Director, Ms Lavisha Arora-Consultant, CCFU

"From Welfare to Wealth Creation- Vol 31, Issue No.1, Emerald, March 2018"
By Shri Abhijit Phukon

"In Search of Structured Business Model for Renewab Research Paper"
By Shri Abhijit Phukon

"Economy Matters July 2018"
By Mr. Kuntal Sensarma

"Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE)'s magazine "Kaleidoscope" in July 2018"
By Mr. Kuntal Sensarma

"Yojana February,2018"
By C. Chinappa

"Kurukshetra journal, March 2018"
By A.Srija (IES:1996)

"Counting Jobs in India A Detailed Review of Labour Database"
By Jitender Singh, Arup Mitra

"Cooperative and Competitive Federalism to further Reforms: The Case of the Power Sector"
By Rangeet Ghosh, Sutirtha Roy, Navneeraj Sharma & Arvind Subramanian

"Measuring the Quality of Union Budgets: Need to go beyond the Deficit Measures"
By Karamjeet Kaur

"Regulation and employment: assessing the wage elasticity in Indian manufacturing"
By Jitender Singh and Prof. Arup Mitra

"Cyclical asymmetries and short-run relation between employment and output: the case of organised manufacturing in India"
By Jitender Singh and Prof. Arup Mitra

"The pathologies of redistributive resource transfers"
By Arvind Subramanian, Rangeet Ghosh, Syed Zubair Noqvi & Kapil Patidar

"Rehab for the Balance Sheet"
By Joshua Felman, Rangeet Ghosh, Syed Zubair Noqvi & Arvind Subramanian

"Why a PARA is Paramount"
By Joshua Felman, Rangeet Ghosh, Syed Zubair Noqvi & Arvind Subramanian

"Growth and Job Creation- Certain Revelations"
By A. Srija

"Money Market after Demonetization"
By A. Srija

"Achieving a Cashless Rural Economy"
By Ms. Sameera Saurabh

"Nutritional Security in India"
By Ms. Sameera Saurabh

"Development Approaches to Social work: Intervention by the State"
By Sameera Saurabh

"The increasing incidence of PPP project cancellations in India" - Economic and Political Weekly
By Kumar V Pratap

"Engendering" Intergovernmental Transfers: Is There a Case for Gender-sensitive Horizontal Fiscal Equalization?
By Mr. Abhishek Anand & Dr.Lekha S. Chakraborty

Quality of Public Goods, Public Policy and Human Development: A State-wise Analysis
By Shri. Jitender Singh, Published in Indian Journal of Human Development.

Brexit Dilemma: Why Did the UK Reduce Interest Rates to Only 0.25 Percent Today?
By Mr. Abhishek Anand & Ms. Lekha Chakraborty

Insiders, outsiders and the IES
By Mr. Rangeet Ghosh, Mr. Syed Zubair Noqvi & Mr. Kapil Patidar

'Unimaginable' helicopter money turns into hot topic; here's why
By Mr. Abhishek Anand

Impact of organised retail channel on revenue of farmers: models of direct procurement of vegetables in Haryana
"Indian Agriculture: Performance, growth and challenges" published by Routledge. Contributions: Ch-7 by Ms. Promodita Satish and, Ch-14 by Sh. Jitender Singh

The ethos of India's Chairmanship of Brics 2016
By Ms. Sameera Saurabh

Decoding bank credit numbers
By Mr. Abhishek Anand

Trends in Growth of Production, Crop Diversification, Productivity, Profitability and Cost Structure in Haryana Agriculture
By Mr. Jitender Singh, Mr. R.K. Sharma & Ms. Mamta

RBI review: What Rajan needs more than an effective monetary transmission policy
By Mr. Abhishek Anand

Big push from small savings
By Mr. Abhishek Anand

Employment Potential of the Road Transport Sector
By Ms. A. Srija

Make in India and the Potential for Job Creation
By Ms. Sunita Sanghi & Ms. A. Srija

Decline in Rural Female Labour Force Participation in India...
By Sunita Sanghi, A Srija, & Shirke Shrinivas Vijay

User Fees and Political and Regulatory Risks in Indian Public–Private Partnerships...
By Kumar V Pratap

Emulating Singapore's Success...
By Siddharth Eapen George & Rangeet Ghosh

Track Changes: The Case for Investing in Railways...
By Rangeet Ghosh, Aakanksha Arora, Sutirtha Roy & Arvind Subramanian

Implementation of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 - Case Study of India...
By Ms. A. Srija

India needs a new reforms approach...
By KP. Krishnan & Anuradha Guru

India's real fiscal policy for FY16...
By Syed Zubair Naqvi, Kapil Patidar and Arvind Subramanian

A watershed 14th Finance Commission...
By Syed Zubair Naqvi, Kapil Patidar and Arvind Subramanian

An Analysis of the Informal Labour Market in India...
By A. Srija & Shrinivas V. Shirke

Employment Trends among Religious Communities of India...
By Sunita Sanghi, A Srija

Do Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPA) Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Inflows into India
By Jitender Singh (IES: 2008)

Floundering Public-Private Partnerships-Some Suggestions
By Kumar V Pratap

Skill Challenges of Informal Sector in India
By Sunita Sanghi & Kuntal Sensarma

Youth Unemployment in India
By Sunita Sanghi & A. Srija

Why FSLRC wants a bigger role for FSDC
By Anuradha Guru and Prachi Mishra

Disinvestment Programme in India: A look at the returns
By Kumar V Pratap

Tapping SWF Potential in India
By Anuradha Guru, Shefali Dhingra

Flawed Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge should be renegotiated to end contractor's undue gain
By Kumar V Pratap, Pramod Agrawal & Syedain Abbasi